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Mari PĂ©rez-Dowling, Pres and CEO Sep 23, 2020 6:45 AM
United Way of Kern County
United Way of Kern County

“United Way is one of the most important and largest nonprofit organizations in the world, the noble work that has been done over the last century has been amazing, and I couldn’t be more honored and humbled to have been chosen to lead our local organization and represent the County of Kern at a state, nation and worldwide level. The opportunity ahead for United Way of Kern County is vast, but to seize it, we must focus clearly and continue to transform. A big part of my job is to bring funding and effective programs for our communities, but also to invest in my team and develop community leaders that will passionately own the brand and believe in the vision and mission of Living United.” – Mari Perez-Dowling

Mari first joined our United Way of Kern County family on October 17, 2017 as Director of Marketing and Development. She was then promoted to Interim President & CEO in April of 2018, and as of November 20, 2018 she became the permanent President and CEO of the organization.

Mari is a bilingual professional who has specialized in community education and program development within multicultural communities. Her experience also includes public and community relations, strategic planning, event planning, community engagement, volunteer engagement and media communications. She’s a creative thinker with a positive attitude, recognized for her strong leadership, and her abilities to engage different community-based organizations towards common projects promoting collaboration.

Mari’s relevant qualifications include her education background with a B.A. in Spanish Language & Literature, Teaching Credential in Single Subject/ BCLAD – Foreign Language – Spanish, M.A. in Multicultural Studies; Environmental Journalism Fellowship and News Production Fellowship. Her responsibilities include leading the organization in all its efforts to fundraise and execute programs that benefit the families and individuals of our Kern County communities

DG Deb Linden Sep 30, 2020 6:45 AM
Come hear this amazing DG!
Jeremy Tobias, CEO Oct 07, 2020 6:45 AM
Community Action Partnership of Kern
Community Action Partnership of Kern

Mr. Tobias is the Chief Executive Officer of Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK), a large private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation serving Kern County and central California, with an annual operating budget of $85 million and over 900 employees. As a Community Action Agency, CAPK operates fifteen distinct programs and is part of a national network of agencies tasked with moving people out of poverty and assisting individuals in achieving self-sufficiency.  Some of the programs operated by CAPK include Head Start; State Child Care; WIC; Kern County Food Bank; Home Weatherization; AmeriCorps; 2-1-1 information line; Friendship House Community Center and the new “M” Street Homeless Navigation Center.

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Supervisor Mike Maggard Oct 21, 2020 6:45 AM
Mike's words on Kern County
Mike's words on Kern County

Mike Maggard was elected to the Kern County Board of Supervisors in 2006, and has been dedicated to improving public safety, creating jobs and improving the quality of life for the citizens of Kern County ever since.

Mike represents the 3rd Supervisorial District which includes much of the greater Bakersfield area including North East Bakersfield, South West Bakersfield, Oleander, Westchester and Oildale.

Prior to Mike’s service on the Board of Supervisors, he served as a member of the Bakersfield City Council from 1998 – 2006.

A proud Bakersfield native, Mike has been a resident of East Bakersfield his entire life.  He attended local schools and holds a B.S degree in Business Administration from CSU Bakersfield.  Mike founded his own CPA firm in 1982 and continues to be a practicing Certified Public Accountant today.

Mike is married to his high school sweetheart, Mary.  Mike and Mary enjoy traveling around the country to see their sons and their families. 

Craig Smith Oct 28, 2020 6:45 AM
The Mission of the Kern River Parkway Foundation
The Mission of the Kern River Parkway Foundation

Craig Smith has been President of Kern River Parkway Foundation since 2018 and a Board Member of KRPF since 2015. The Foundation was founded in 1991 by Bill Cooper and Rich O'Neil.

Craig has also served as Co-Chair of Northeast Bluffs & Trails Committee since 2005 to 2015 with Michelle Beck. His other activities for years include running  with Bagels Running Group and Donut Shop Runners. During his 20 year plus of running he was competed in Ultra Runner and Triathlete, and is a 6 time runner of Baker to Vegas with both Probation and DA teams. His career has included serving as a Deputy District Attorney for 30+ years. He handled all assignments that ranged from gangs, murder, rape, juvenile, mental health, civil & consumer fraud. He was assigned to Veterans Court and assists military in Bakersfield.

The story behind his photo is as follows:  11,000 heading down from the 15k pass on the Salkanay trail, day 2 of the 4 day hike to Machu Piccu, July 2019. I severely pulled my hamstring day before the four day hike.  Could walk uphill but not downhill. I hopped on my right leg for the first 2 miles of the downhill, then found out it was less painful to run.  So I ran the six miles into camp.

The history of the Kern River Parkway can be found at this link.

Kern River Parkway Foundation
P.O. Box 1602, Bakersfield, CA, 93302-1602

Rachel Glauser Nov 04, 2020 6:45 AM
Kern Citizens for Energy

Rachel Glauser  Director of Communications Providence Team

Rachel brings a wealth of campaign and business advocacy experience to the Providence team. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and communications. Rachel has worked on multiple candidate campaigns, statewide ballot initiatives, business advocacy and permitting projects over the past 15 years. She is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants and the Public Relations Society of America. She specializes in developing communication plans, public outreach campaigns and crisis communications. She enjoys sports, RVing with her husband and sons, Austin and Beau, visiting great wineries

Jimmy Yee Nov 11, 2020 6:45 AM
The new Hard Rock Hotel
John-Paul Lake Nov 18, 2020 6:45 AM
Prochorus - a passion to serve our community
Prochorus - a passion to serve our community

About Prochorus

One of the seven chosen to serve in the early church according to Acts 6:5 and responsible for the daily distribution of food to widows and the needy. We take our inspiration from this passage.

The seven pillars of the logo represent the seven who were chosen for this responsibility.

The shape of the pillars represents a city or community, namely our home of Bakersfield, CA.

Our passion is to serve the communities of Bakersfield and Kern County in order to help make our home a thriving place to live and a light in California. We believe that all hard work yields a profit, not just financially but manifested instead via stronger relationships, new ideas and ventures, and projects that help transform community.

About JP


Kern Venture Group, Intel Corporation, Nereus Capital Partners

Real Estate and Family Business

Rain for Rent and Robinson Property Holdings, LLC

Board Experience

CityServe Socal, Friends of Mercy Foundation, Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, Tentmakers


Trustee and Past President, Panama Buena-Vista Union School District
Chairman of the Board, Heritage Oak School

Community and Faith-Based

Co-founder, Kern Initiative for Talent & Entrepreneurship
Co-founder, Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government
Vice Chair, Measure J for Kern Community College District
Chair and Founder, Awake California
Co-Founder and Treasurer, SeedCore Foundation

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Brad Bryan, CEO Dec 02, 2020 6:45 AM
Houchin Blood Bank
Bakersfield College Choir Dec 16, 2020 6:45 AM
Holiday Happening
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Anna Marie Jan 13, 2021 6:45 AM
Happy Whole You
Happy Whole You

Originally from Michigan, Anna Marie resides in Bakersfield, California with her husband and two children. She decided to move to California after college to seek a new life and a new "her". She quickly realized, however, that all she really needed was a healthier brain and new mindset. After discovering this, Anna Marie has embodied the essence of Happy Whole You (Happy Whole You is the name of her brand and local brain heath and wellness center in Bakersfield) by applying positivity to all aspects of her life and sharing this system with others through education, her holistic health practice, life coaching, consulting, workshops, and books.

To learn more about Anna Marie and her Happy Whole You center visit www.HappyWholeYou.com or follow her @HappyWholeYou on Instagram & Facebook

Amy Thelen - VP of Bitwise Jan 20, 2021 6:45 AM
The Bitwise ecosystem and Bakersfield
The Bitwise ecosystem and Bakersfield

Amy Thelen is the Vice President of Bitwise, Bakersfield. Born and raised in Bakersfield, Amy spent time living in San Diego, Utah, and Austin before moving home to put down roots. With more than 10 years of experience in software sales, Amy brings a unique perspective to our Bitwise ecosystem. As Vice President of Bitwise, Bakersfield, Amy is in charge of shaping the Bitwise ecosystem to fit Bakersfield’s personality. Amy oversees the Bitwise Bakersfield campus, managing multiple projects while ensuring we’re creating a place for the community that is diverse, inclusive, and progressive. Her dream job would be the starting forward for the Women’s National Soccer team, but since that train has likely passed, she figures the next best thing would be working in an industry that will forever change our future.

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