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This morning we opened our minds, not that we normally have them closed, to learn about science. That’s right, science, the science of the petroleum industry. Not the Blinded me with SCIENCE 1980s song popularized by Thomas Dolby. Now, I have never worked in the petroleum industry, but I can assure you that every one of us are affected by it, good, bad, or indifferent. To clear up the muddle, and educate us with SCIENCE, our guest speaker was California Resources Corporation Petroleum Engineer Ray Clanton.
In addition to engineering, Ray knows a bit, bit ha-ha get it, oilfield bit, about education. He is an engineering instructor at CSUB and heads up The Magic Barrel educational program. It is this program Ray told us all about. In this program, Ray said that he actually brings in a 42 gal. oil barrel packed with educational materials to share with school aged children the many concepts, and controversies of petroleum production. It’s all about Fact or Fiction for Ray and he tells it like it is from his experiences as an engineer.
There’s gonna be a test on this boys and girls, so pay attention. Did you know that:
  • California Resources Corporation CRC is the largest oil producer in California.
  • A barrel of oil is 42 gal. Not 55 gal.
  • It is believed oil is derived from prehistoric plant sediments in salt water, if fresh water we would have coal instead.
  • Only 1 in 10 exploration wells drilled for oil will produce oil.
  • Oil exploration is expensive and it is difficult to extract from the earth.
  • Faults make it more difficult to find the oil. There’s a lot of faults here folks!
  • 75% of oil in the US is imported from other countries.
  • Nationwide, California is the 3rd largest oil producer.
  • Natural gas is the preferred fuel of the future.
Ray will admit that not all of his students are PRO-petroleum, but the fact remains that many things we use in everyday life are somehow connected to oil. He impresses on his students that California alone employs 500,000 people in the industry. Good work Ray, and we know and support your pursuits in promoting education and the facts surrounding one of our most important natural resources.
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One thing that I will have to say to start out this edition of the Beacon, and that is how wonderful it is to have such encouraging opening ceremonies on Wednesday mornings. Could you imagine starting out every day like this? We were honored to have Kathy Andersen lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Past President Denise Haynes grace us with a prayer of thanksgiving and our song for the morning, O ’Beautiful. Thank You ladies.
As the mornings program swiftly moved along we recognized Michael O’ Doherty as it was his birthday. Happy Birthday Buddy hopefully you will have some wonderful plans to celebrate the occasion and that it involves cake…A lot of cake.
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Posted by Frank Wooldridge
I have been told that in this issue of the Beacon I will have to tighten it up a bit since we had District Governor Savi Bhim in attendance. So if there is not a lot of my regular light-hearted humor being tossed around in this edition towards our regular Breakfast Rotary “targets”, I apologize in the name of professionalism and accurate journalism. Ahhhh, just kidding Breakfast Rotarians let the good times roll!
We love visitors, especially visiting rookie Presidents like Quon Louey from Rotary East. Quon is really a good guy, very friendly and a very capable president too. But when someone Wednesday morning mentioned he was there to get ideas in how to proceed with his own club’s presentation before the District Governor, I just knew that could not be true, would it? At any rate, it was great having Quon in the house!
We would like to recognize those celebrating anniversaries and birthdays! Shout out to Dennis Scott and his wonderful wife, Fran who was in attendance. 45 YEARS of Marriage! Blessings to you and your family. Mr. Neil Walker 40 years of marriage, but Pam was nowhere in sight. Most likely she was at home anticipating for a most fabulous gala celebration that Neal is secretly planning.
Karen Bonanno, Happy Birthday dedicated sister Rotarian and Craig Holland did you know you have been a member of Rotary for 17 years most of which “we” Breakfast Rotarians have been by your side the great majority of that time. We are actually proud of that Craig!
Special recognition goes out to, I can’t believe they called her Snaggle Tooth this morning, Connie Bensusen who qualified for her Blue Badge. Congratulations!
Accolades are also in order for Stephanie Baker. Stephanie was recognized as a “hard worker”, that she is, by Past President Ron “Buford” Nelms. PP Ron also reported that Breakfast Rotary was recognized during his tenure as a Gold Standard Club. Yeah, just a little plug for all of us with the District Governor present.
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Karen Bonanno will soon be seeking corporate sponsorships and auction items for Wine, Place, and Show September 28th at Luigi’s Warehouse. Please stay tuned and mark your calendars!
Saturday, August 24th Nethercutt Museum trip is just around the corner. See  Michele McClure ASAP. You do not want to miss. Transportation and light drinks and snacks will be included. Want fun?, we are fun, sign up today! Only $25 per person.
Kathy Andersen is promoting the Back to School Hot Dog Dinner Prep Event. The event will include volunteers from our club joining youth from the Boys and Girls Club packaging dinners for families August 16th at 4pm at the Homewood Sites on Mill Rock near Ming Avenue and the Market Place. Come join the fun. Shouldn’t take too long to get this wrapped up!
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You guys are really getting good with the video thing. Kind of reminds me from a scene from the movie “Top Gun” where the commander is showing the pilots what their mission will be. Well we did not have Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis present, but we had our own video STARS in President Cheryl Scott, Jeff “Iceman” Haynes, Dr. Joe “The Doctor” Nunez, Karen Bonnano and David “Maverick” Spalinger whom told us why they “are” Rotary.
Then we were privileged to have our own Dale Bender, a 32-year Rotary member, share with us a tender video, that really sums up how time never stands still and that, when combined with active Rotary participation, will change others’ lives as well as your own. Through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, Dale and his family have opened up a life-long relationship that has endured for over 25 years from a modest visit from a Finnish student by the name of Juha Virtala. Now a grown man, Juha now has his own family and you bet Dale and his family are every bit a part of that family to this day even though they live thousands of miles away. Other great stories Dale shared with Honorary Rotarian Yuki Kobayashi-Takeuchi about how far Rotary Exchange students have come. Not only in distance, but in growth. Hey, what do you say, can we grow a little here!
Invite a prospective new member for next week!
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DG Savi Bhim hails from Simi Sunrise so getting up early to get our engines started bright and early is her cup of tea, or coffee. Make no mistake that she stated that if she were a Bakersfield resident that Rotary Club of Bakersfield Breakfast is where she would belong. Quon could be seen blushing at this point.
The DGs message was very clear, and certainly most timely as we see all around our country divisiveness and confusion in our Nation and World. She speaks of One World, One Rotary. Those words could not be any more applicable as they are today, as DG Bhim is challenging us as Rotarians to focus upon the meaning of Rotary and the Why We Do What We Do (WWDWWD). DG Bhim’s vision of Rotary is that by participating in membership we are all partners in a Mission of Peace. With diverse backgrounds and believes we can come together to unify, seeking real world solutions to real world problems.
A perfect example DG Bhim made is with our own Thousand Flags Project. She said each of those posted flags represent someone who furthered the principle of Service Above Self in an ultimate effort, and when we look beyond our own superficial differences, we as Rotarians can work towards viable solutions which have no place for partisan ideologies.  Welcome DG Bhim and we hope to see you again soon, like maybe we will see you at Woolgrowers Restaurant Thursday night!
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Posted by Frank Wooldridge on Jul 31, 2019
Where has July gone Breakfast Rotarians? Are you kidding me! Over half the year is gone, we have a new President in Cheryl Scott (you know, the shy one), Summer vacations have been taken, back-to-school sales will soon begin, and I have been told that the Christmas decoration displays are in the aisles at Walmart! Well, hold on to your bootstraps because we are going to have a Rip-Roaring year in Breakfast Rotary and I am excited to see how we can help make Bakersfield be a great place to live, finishing strong in 2019.
Denise Haynes performed double duty with a beautiful prayer to help us focus on what is important. Her message is certainly important in these days and times. Then on the flip side, Denise led us in a rendition of America the Beautiful. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by veteran Breakfast Rotarian Marianna Bouni.
It is no secret to Rotarians that Rotary International has designated the month of August to MEMBERSHIP AND NEW CLUB DEVELOPMENT. Yes, this is our area of focus and we will talk more about that in coming days. So how does Breakfast Rotary respond? Yes, with 6 guests. Someone mentioned that they have not seen so many guests at one meeting. Hey, did someone say it is fun to be a member of our club?  
Rotarians invited Allison Hickman, Chelsea Ashley, Brenda O’Doherty (Bulldog Mike’s wife), Gladys Gonzales, Peter DeVargas, and Deidre Brown. We welcome all of our guests and perhaps we can keep the fire under them by having one to ones with them during the week to meet with them and answer any questions they have about joining. You Breakfast Rotarians sure put on a nice meeting this morning; you made such a big impression on one of the guests, she was ready to join before the end of our meeting. AWESOME!
We wish Happy Anniversaries to loyal members Karen Bonanno, Dennis Scott and Mindy Wilmot. Ahhhh, marriage bliss. Hey guess, who is celebrating 45 years of marriage of this named group???
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Posted by Frank Wooldridge on Mar 13, 2019
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