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Wooldridge's Words April 20, 2022
It’s all fun and games at Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Wednesday morning meetings until Past President Ron Nelms takes the podium, then we are supposed to get serious. A very serious Ron led us with his invocation. Ron spoke encouraging words of peace and unity, which I am certain resonates with all Rotarians. Ron perfectly described through his few words a world that simply could work together toward good with outcomes that build a standard of hope and humanity with benefits to be enjoyed by all. Hopefully, we as Rotarians can put into practice the words from our weekly invocations as a way to demonstrate the joy of giving Service to Others.
Following America’s flag salute, Bill Black standing in for songstress Carol Smith, received his 5 minutes of fame doing what he does best...singing songs by Johnny Cash. For the morning’s selection, Bill chose the Cash song Folsom Prison. The Beacon Clue is, at what location did Johnny Cash perform this perennial hit live. Thank you, Bill, for your baritone voice and lyrics you supplied to everyone to set the stage for a festive meeting.
Past President Jackie Maxwell brought a friend of hers as a guest, fellow farmer Holly Kuns. Welcome Holly! Hope to see you again soon.
Trying out their luck for the first time as greeters, new members Myrna Arias and Erick Bautista, took a crack at the difficult, and profitable way of getting acquainted with members. The rookies did well!
Woolridge's Words April 6, 2022
Wednesday’s Breakfast Rotary meeting was in its second off-site meeting in as many weeks, having met at City Serve last week. This week after a very long absence because of COVID, we returned to the Golden Valley High School campus. Golden Valley High is the home of our Interact high school club, the students that make up the club’s members and their advisor Jennifer Yamauchi. Jennifer is also an Honorary member of our Breakfast Rotary Club.
As we got the show on the road, Past President Mike O’Doherty expressed words of praise to the almost 50 Golden Valley High Interactors who showed up to join us for some marvelous biscuits and gravy from Mossman’s. As you know Mike now commits much of his energy to Kern Bridges, and according to Mike, the Interactors have been invaluable to Kern Bridges with their help during a Christ5mas project in December Mike laid out for them.
President Jeff Haynes garnered a substitute red bell in place of the absence of our customary Rotary BBRC bell to alert us all to come to attention for America’s Flag Salute. Past President Denise Haynes invocation contained a reading from Dale Carnegie entitled “Words of Wisdom” which included some very rational principles to live by. Certainly, suggested reading folks!
Bill Black teased us that he was going to sing some Jonny Cash, then yielded to his patriotic nerve by leading us in “God Bless America”.
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When I consider the lack of cooperation in human society, I can only conclude that it stems from ignorance of our interdependent nature.
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