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PEND Nominated!
Past President David Spalinger announced that the Nominating Committee has selected Treasurer David Lari as President Elect Nominee Designate.  BBRC members can propose other candidates at the May 18, 2022 meeting when the election by those at the meeting will be held.
The PEND will serve 2024-2025 as President. The Rotary International Convention will be in Singapore June 2024.
Wooldridge's Words for May 11, 2022
There is a time to sleep and a time to work…but on Wednesday morning it’s time for Breakfast Rotary. Situated at Lino’s Venue at the corner of 20th and H Street in Downtown Bakersfield any guest at our morning meeting will find no sleepy heads, just good-hearted Rotarians looking to make our piece of the world better with the efforts our club brings to so many in our city. If you are reading The Beacon…and you should be…take a moment to congratulate yourself in being a big part of giving your time and efforts to others, even demonstrating to our community neighbors the benefit of having a Service Above Self attitude.
And with all of that motivation talk, I have to admit Past President Cheryl Scott is tired. Perhaps tired of the “going’s on” facing everyday Americans, but as a Rotarian, Cheryl who is an outstanding voice for our club, encouraged us during her invocation that we will endure and lift up hope at every turn. Yes, we will Cheryl and yes, we too, taste the passion of your message.
Past President Denise Haynes in the course of our annual Thousand Flags Program at Riverwalk Park Memorial Day Weekend, announced as our Songstress that we would be singing Grand ‘Ol Flag. Denise was darn confident that we knew all of the words to the song as there were no lyrics printed for us at our tables. In spite of that, most members of the club sang all of the song lyrics quite well. For those that did not, I recommend you go home and practice, as I am sure we will see this again on a t-e-s-t!
I was a greeter this morning so when Bill Black came in he told me Roosevelt Scott who has a business in Bakersfield called Triple Threat Solutions, a firearm training school, asked Bill to say hello to me. I told Bill that he should have asked Roosevelt, “Rosey” as he is called, to visit at a Breakfast Rotary meeting soon. He said, “Yeah, that would be a good idea”. Ten minutes later when guests were introduced, another club member of whom I cannot recall, was introducing “Rosey” as his guest. That is just CRAZY that Rosey was already here! Bill thought so too.
Another guest Holly Kuntz was introduced by Past President Jackie Maxwell. A colleague of Jackie’s from the farming industry, Holly is more than a visitor, she is actually in the process of joining our club. Make a point in introducing yourself to her and welcoming our newest member as her induction will be soon! By the way, Holly is a local celeb, as she reigns as the current Mrs. Kern County.
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