President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
So much has happened in the past week!  In just the last few days, we’ve seen our state and community (along with the world) try to mitigate potential impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of the main strategies is to avoid crowds and even to limit face-to-face meetings. Disappointing, no doubt, especially for we Rotarians who LOVE to spend time together!
As you know by now, the BBRC board has decided to go DARK through the end of March.  We had already planned to “sleep in” on March 18.  Now, we’ve also cancelled the March 23 board meeting, and also the regular meeting on March 25.  We are also postponing the March 28 pancake breakfast at Dignity Health.
Please know that this decision was made with our members’ health (and the health of our families and the broader community) in mind.  We are acting not out of a sense of panic, but rather a desire to do what we can to limit the impact COVID-19 may have on Bakersfield and Kern County. Think of it as a new (and temporary) way of being “people of action.”
Fortunately, we’ve had a super-active two weeks already!  Charter Night, Dionysus/Blonde Faith Social, All Club Luncheon (plus a great time trying to squeeze some serious money out of Jeff Haynes at the latest meeting!  Jeff Bell saved Jeff’s bacon, and mine, too!). 
Obviously, this COVID-19 is a fluid situation, and we’ll continue to monitor it.  Hopefully things will calm by the end of March and we’ll be able to meet again on April 1st
In Rotary Service & Friendship,
What you need to know
We don’t ordinarily rate meetings, they are all great… Yet, this Wednesday’s meeting was special. Not only because newly decorated Rotarian of the Year Craig Holland and the charming Allison Hickman urged our participation in the morning’s drawing, and not because Rotary Brother Dan Johnson performed “Stand By Me” on his guitar. No, not even because I was called upon to sing a duet with President Cheryl Scott. It is because we, as Rotarians have the privilege to meet and truly make our part of the world a better place. I am proud to be a Rotarian and proud to be a part of a club whose members live Service Above Self.
Others must feel the same way because Breakfast Rotarians keep bringing guests. Dan Johnson brought his better half (this is true) Char, as well as Kern County social worker Lauren Dean. Dan met Lauren at the Kern High School Leadership and Ethics Conference the day before. Atta Boy Dan! Lauren mentioned that she was looking for guidance on starting a business.  M.J. Pasek stepped up and offered to help connect her with the folks she needs at BC. Thanks M.J.!
The spirited Marlene Heise introduced us to Cheryl Rydia with the Epiphany Foundation. Craig Holland brought his better half, Carole (definitely true).
Birthday wishes went out to Jeff “Buzz Lightyear” Haynes, Martha Samora, and Bree Goodmon. The last two celebrants missed us singing the birthday song to Jeff. I think he blushed when we sang to him. Cuuute!
Charter member, Past President and Hospital Administrator extraordinaire Jerry Starr is accomplishing great things. He volunteered that he was $100 happy for the completion of the West Side Family Health Care Clinic expansion. Jerry is key in this project’s success. Sir, we salute you for your service in a community that sorely needs you. We are grateful you have not succumbed to the allure of the Rotary Club of Taft.
**Featured Program**
I am quite certain everyone in our club knows about the Boys & Girls Club. You have probably participated in at least one of their events or fundraisers. Moreover, we know who oversees the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County. Yes, that is none other than the club’s Executive Director Zane Smith (past president of Bakersfield North.)
I am getting ahead of myself a bit, and for good reason. After the meeting I spoke with Zane. I shared with Zane that for all the years I have known him, I knew little about his background, his craftsmanship in fine arts and, his huge heart. I believe that after Zane’s talk, we all have a greater appreciation of Zane, his love for the Club and for all he and the clubs do for Kern County youth.
Zane and his wife Amy did not come to Bakersfield for the love of money and greener pastures. They came because of a calling. While visiting family in Bakersfield Zane visited the impoverished Bakersfield Boys & Girls Club. Zane saw an opportunity to make the Bakersfield club come alive. We are fortunate they came to Bakersfield. In the last 28 years he has guided the club to become one of the flagship Boys & Girls Clubs in the nation. It is amazing what Zane has done, he still has the same energy and passion for Boys and Girls Clubs that led him to Bakersfield. Yes, Zane is a leader, but what is most important is that he and his staff are creating leaders through their mentorship of over 7500 children each and every day.
You must appreciate that with only 600 employees at 3 clubhouses and 59 campus-based programs in Kern County, Zane is making believers of other community leaders, school administrators, child advocate groups and anyone else who likes to see the underdog triumph. Inspiring Youth is Zane’s mantra. You know he is effective; we were inspired after only 30 minutes with him!
Zane told a story about a Kern County club member from 20 years ago. Zane and Erik recently had a reunion where Zane saw that the time and effort he expended with Erik years ago paid off. Against all odds, Erik is a successful, contributing member of our city. So, to all those “Eriks and Erickas” with whom Zane and his staff build relationships over the years, congratulations. Zane Smith, you are a man with an unselfish heart and passion of gold for Bakersfield youth. Thank You Zane for joining us Wednesday morning. If you would like to know more about the Kern County Boys & Girls Club contact Zane at (661) 325-3730.     
**Family of Rotary**
Dedicated to keeping our Breakfast Rotary family aware of unexpected events and potential needs of our membership, the Family of Rotary wants to ensure that when a need arises that no Rotarian is left behind. Your friendship is especially needed during such stressful times.  If you know of someone in our Rotary family that is experiencing a life or health challenge, please let Denise Haynes, our Family of Rotary contact, know.
Speaking of Denise, send healing thoughts to Past President Denise Haynes’ husband Scott who is undergoing a long-awaited back surgery. Hopefully, Scott will be successfully repaired and able to participate in the fun and folly of next month’s social mixer.
Former Breakfast Rotarian Ed O’Donnell’s his wife Shirley is having significant health issues. If you would like to reach out to provide emotional support for Shirley and Ed, please do so.
Rocker Dan Johnson is recovering from his TIA two weeks ago.  Char is making sure he stays on the right path to full health. We are very happy to see him (and Char) at BBRC.
And finally, former Rotarian and Past President Karen Wass’s brother, Steve Brummer (who was Chief of Police) is reportedly in need of blood supply. Steve lives in Reno, but contributions at our local Houchin Blood Bank are transferable to Steve. If you’re due to donate, let them know at Houchin you are there for Steve Brummer.      
**Announcements Announcements**
Charter night was a big success. Good food, great fellowship and a lot of well-deserved Paul Harris Fellowships to Rotarians. The line-up of this year’s fellowship recipients sounds like the all-star lineup of a sports team. Well it’s actually even better, because these recipients just seem to give and give all year around! Salute to recipients;
  • Pat Thompson received two Paul Harris Fellowships
  • Kay Pitts
  • Marta Alvarez
  • Susan Quarnberg
  • Frances Scott
  • Wendy Nunez
  • Kathleen Berry
Kathleen was awarded in a very touching ceremony Wednesday morning where presenter Craig Holland expressed his heartfelt words of the worthiness of bestowing a Paul Harris to her.
Congratulations to all and for being an example of Service Above Self! 
**”What’s Goin’ On”**
There was a great turn out by 25 Breakfast Rotarians at the annual Rotary All-Club Luncheon at the Crystal Palace last week. Great fellowship and a chance to focus upon the importance of Being Inspiring and Demonstrating Leadership through our Unapologetic motivational speaker Davide Giorgio. There were a few unexpected absences, such as birthday boy Jeff Haynes who was called out by President Cheryl. Apparently, Jeff was supposed to check our members in at the luncheon. Due to an alleged medical/business obligation, Jeff was unable to attend. Since a representative from Breakfast Rotary was required to serve, Past President Neil Walker volunteered to fill the role. This little oversight caused a firestorm of FINE assessment commentary, firstly from Prez Cheryl, then by immediate past President Ron Nelms. Mary Jo Pasek chimed in and recommended a $100 FINE.
Jeff is no slouch and is pretty shifty when it comes to getting out of FINES. Jeff responded to all the hoopla by bribing the Prez with a box of chocolate macadamia nuts from Hawaii. The softened up the Prez to reduce the FINE by $25, then just when I thought it was safe, Jeff Bell, a South Rotary Past President suggested that there was liability to be shared by the Prez. Stunning as this moment was, Jeff took one for the “Gipper “, and assumed full responsibility for the $100 FINE.

The PRLS training scheduled for Bakersfield Friday April 3- April 5th has been cancelled. Contact the District for a refund if you have paid.
Our hostess with the most-ess, Michelle McClure has our next BBRC Social set at Wind Wolves Preserve April 5th. A special tour and lunch are being planned, so come join us and be ready for a glorious day in the sun.
**Coffer Management System**
Ron Nelms is getting a lot of press this morning, and most of that is self-induced, that’s our Ron! Ron is $40 bucks happy celebrating the arrival of his 4th grandchild, Henry. Henry was born in Santa Barbara.
Kathy Berry made a name for herself this morning. Our dear Kathleen donated $20 to the CMS as a celebration for her recent trip to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament in Orlando, FLA. Kathy also offered up a little gift to the Prez from her excursion.
If Heath Niemeyer didn’t have bad luck the poor guy would have no luck at all. He arrived early to Rotary (3/4/20), cruised the parking lot a couple times to make sure he allowed enough parking spaces for the rest of the membership, and he still gets FINED. When can a guy catch a break around here!
Now here’s the part I like, the Prez scolded Heath and all members for not staying up to date by reading THE BEACON. I completely agree, for if Heath had read THE BEACON, he would have known he could have slept in with the rest along with the rest of the membership that early morning. It seems we can’t get through a meeting without Past President Mike O’Doherty receiving a beating. Seems like a little brotherly Breakfast Rotarian love was extended to Heath’s sponsor… O’Doherty. We unanimously agreed Mike should assume responsibility for Heath’s fine since he failed to inform Heath we were DARK last week.
Breakfast Rotarians, at the writing of this week’s Beacon there are active discussions about the prospect of remaining DARK for the remainder of the month, apparently due to limited supplies of toilet paper…GEEZ. So stay tuned, read your e-mail, and most importantly read THE BEACON! (Beacon Editor’s Note: after Frank wrote this, it was decided that BBRC would be dark the next TWO weeks. Heath – take note.)
Frank Tripicchio told me when I first met him that he was Italian, I don’t think so. I think he is Irish, and as it is close to St. Patrick’s Day, Frank O’Tripicchio won the drawing AGAIN. 
By: Frank Wooldridge, Writer
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