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February 10, 2021
Woolridge's Words
Ladies and Gentleman welcome to this week’s edition of The Beacon. This week’s bulletin is nothing for the squeamish or faint of heart. Why you ask? Well, at the meeting we had tales of Streakers, Sleepers, Winners and Losers, Past President Ron Nelms with one glove with zip ties…Yikes, and Darkness. See I told you, this meeting was something else. So, I hope if you went and survived at Skyline Cabinet from seeing all of this unfold in-person, or through Zoom, you came away the better. If you haven’t been to a meeting lately, come and see us Wednesday morning and join in with the fun of being a Breakfast Rotarian. (But not on the 17th – we are dark!)
Our Invocation was delivered by yours truly, and America’s Pledge of Allegiance led by Mindy Wilmot. Past President Denise Haynes serving as songstress led us in singing an old favorite, Daisy, Daisy. The song written in 1892 is a Valentine Tail for an admirer of a valentine and a bicycle built for two. Fun song Denise, thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to all Breakfast Rotarians.
We did not have Visiting Rotarians, but we did have Visitors! Tom Pasek was with us along with perennial Bakersfield College Cheerleader Mary Jo. Mary Jo brought a guest.   Her guest was Eric Sanders, Executive Director of Jason’s Retreat. It’s Eric’s second visit. If you haven’t met Eric yet, welcome him to our meeting your next opportunity.
Thanks to our morning greeters Jeff Haynes, Dan Johnson and yes, Mary Jo Pasek.
The Streaker –President David Spalinger said according to Webster’s Dictionary, Streaker is to run naked through a public place. The Prez said when watching the Super Bowl last weekend there was a man from the grandstands who bolted onto the football field partially dressed. The Prez brought up the matter because he was concerned over the incorrectness of the media describing the man as “a streaker” when he was just partially dressed. The Prez took exception to the misstatement. He remembers, in his day, that a “true streaker” performed in full birthday suit attire. With that said, The Prez said the man who performed the stunt received a $374,000 from a wager he made which tempted him to perform the stunt. The Prez said he was tempted to match the stunt as well. I wonder if he will perform the Webster’s Dictionary version…
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