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November 17, 2021
Help Wanted - Beacon Writers
Beacon writer extraordinaire Frank Wooldridge has a monthly conflict wherein he is unable to attend our meetings on the fourth Wednesday of each month. This means that you, yes  you have the opportunity to serve your club by writing a Beacon column.  You can put as much or little meeting detail as you want in the column. Once you have the column written, just send me (Kay Pitts) a Word document.  I take it from there (putting in photos, checking name spellings, etc.)
ANYONE CAN DO THIS!!!!   It really is pretty painless!
We need writers for the following dates. Pick one date, pick more, it is up to you! Just let me know your selection.
January 26,  February 23,  March 23, April 27,  May 25, June 22
Wooldridge's Words Nov 17, 2021
There’s only one thing better than a soothing hot cup of coffee on an early morn and that’s starting your day with that cup of coffee at our Breakfast Rotary meetings. As your Beacon writer I am so thrilled to be even a small part of such a spirited and giving group which, I feel, is emblematic of the heart and soul of the good things our community is about. We are constantly reminded daily of negative current events that are only distractions from the many good things our community does unselfishly. We, as an active Rotary Club are a big part of what brings that goodness. From your dedication as evidenced by the successful production of Wine, Place, and Show to Toys for Tots and prepping Thanksgiving baskets, your efforts are so appreciated by those we serve. This Thanksgiving take a moment to give yourself a “pat of the back”, and ask for continued blessings towards keeping your Breakfast Rotary energy, spirit and creativity on high so that we can continue providing what we are known for…Service Above Self. Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!
President Jeff Haynes opened our meeting by giving Michele McClure the floor to present her invocation. Michele emphasized Peace in her message which was most appropriate in this time and place. America’s Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jeff Bell and Carol Smith led us with vigor and song singing God Bless America. Carol spun right into announcing visiting Rotarians introducing her guest, Chuck Canada.
The “True” Ron Nelms, whatever that is supposed to mean, our past president, introduced his guest, Javier Reyes who works at the Kern County District Attorney’s Office. The ever present, Past President Cheryl Scott introduced her guest and husband Darren. Darren reportedly didn’t get enough of us at Wine, Place, and Show last Saturday so he wanted to hang out with us some more. See Breakfast Rotarians…people love you!
The trifecta of Stephanie Baker, Chelsea Ashcraft and Past President Mike O’Doherty worked the door as greeters this morning and they really did a strong arm of the membership. The membership was persuaded by the threesome to donate to the Raffle in large sums. More on the totals later in this edition.
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