Golden Queen Mining Co.
Jul 29, 2020 6:45 AM
Alan Shirkey, Mgr of Aggregates and Projects
Golden Queen Mining Co.

Has served as Manager, Aggregates & Projects at GQMC, LLC since Fall 2018.

Formerly a self-employed, Construction Project Manager and “Lean” Business Processes Consultant.

Led all civil development projects at GQMC from summer 2012 until becoming a GQMC employee in Fall 2018

30+ years of Project Management, Operations Management, Engineering, and Process Improvement Consulting experience spanning multiple industries across the U.S.

Major Employers & Customers Served: Republic Services, Berry Petroleum Corp., Chevron Technology Ventures, BrightSource Energy, Inc., Argo Consulting Inc., Dana Inc., Hagemeyer NA, Masco Corp., General Motors Service & Parts Operations, Telamon Corp., Hillenbrand Industries Inc., Ingersoll-Rand Corp, Cummins-Allison Corp., U.S. Army Reserves - Corps of Engineers

B.S. - Industrial Engineering Technology, Western Illinois University