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Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club
Goals & Objectives
To grow stronger from the inside-out through the creation of meaningful connections and commitment among current members, attraction of enthusiastic and active new members, and by creating a renewed culture of “service above self.”
Strategy 1
Retain 90% of current members (based on 60 starting members, lose no more than 6 during the year)
Retaining Our Newer Members
  • Encourage members to sponsor “vetted” new members that will be more likely to stay (PRESIDENT/MEMBERSHIP CHAIR)
  • Provide sponsors with guidance on how to be a good mentor. (MEMBERSHIP CHAIR)
  • Hold “fireside chats” for new members at least twice/year (more if needed) (MEMBERSHIP CHAIR/PRESIDENT)
  • Get new members plugged into activities/committees asap (DIRECTORS/COMMITTEE CHAIRS)
  • Don’t use jargon and terms that new members might not understand
  • Update and enforce the Red Badge program, requiring more than collection of roster names.  Don’t issue Blue Badges until criteria is met (or close to being met). (MEMBERSHIP CHAIR)
Retaining More Established Members
  • Conduct exit interview when a member leaves to better understand reasons (MEMBERSHIP CHAIR)
  • Conduct member surveys (Fall & Spring) [Not District-Initiated] (PRESIDENT)
  • Encourage connections between members by providing non-meeting opportunities to interact (DIRECTORS/CHAIRS)
  • Reach out to members when they are beginning to miss meetings (LEADERSHIP TEAM/SPONSORS)
Strategy 2
Inspire pride in being a Rotarian/Member of BBRC (will impact retention and attraction efforts)
  • Create stronger social media presence, encouraging interaction among members
  • Start checking in on social media during meetings and other Club activities (ALL)
  • Renew focus on promoting individual involvement in Rotary (e.g. wearing Rotary pins and other Rotary items, etc)
  • Strengthen media outreach with goal of more coverage of BBRC service projects
  • Invite service project beneficiaries to meetings (not necessarily as a program, just as guests)
  • Educate members on the international projects and the impact of our Foundation contributions
Strategy 3
Attract at least 5 new members by December 31 and another 5 by June 30 (total of 10 new members) [Would end year with 64 members if lose 6, gain 10]
  • Recognize members that sponsor a new member (how?)
  • Encourage members to invite friends/colleagues to meetings, socials, service projects
  • Analyze classifications and focus on areas where we have few/no members
  • Reach out to 20/30 Club to team upon events, etc.
Strategy 4
Achieve goal of at least 50 members participating in at least one service project during the year [plan approx. one service project every other month]
  • Recognize members that participate in projects (photos on slide show, name in newsletter, etc.)
  • Implement projects that members support--ask for suggestions
  • Identify new projects while continuing the Club’s favorites
Strategy 5
Grow a new generation of Rotarians by fostering a service culture among local youth
  • Create an investment on the part of Interactors, show them they are valued
  • Increase Club member interaction with students
  • Develop a mentor program for Interactors
  • Keep a running tally of all student accomplishments, offer pins, awards, etc. to introduce the Rotary culture